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Reforms and changes in governance of higher education in Africa
Higher education in Africa has received favourable  political attention and  funding &n..
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La gouvernance dans l'enseignement supérieur : quelles politiques, avec quels effets?
Le contexte de l’enseignement supérieur dans les pays d’Afrique francophone des années 1990..
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Governance reforms in higher education: A study of institutional autonomy in Asian countries
Many governments in Asia have granted greater autonomy to institutions of higher education in rec..
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The diversification of post-secondary education
Post-secondary education (PSE) is becoming increasingly diversified in terms of providers, progra..
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Trends in diversification of post-secondary education
Higher education has traditionally been associated with university education. A growing demand fo..
Globalization and cross-border education: challenges for the development of higher education in Commonwealth countries
Commonwealth countries vary widely in terms of their size and level of development. A few of them..
Constructing an indicator system or scorecard for higher education: a practical guide
In order to respond to growing demand, higher education systems are diversifying and reforming th..
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In search of the triple helix: academia-industry-government interaction in China, Poland, and the Republic of Korea
Within the context of knowledge economies, academia-industry partnerships have moved high on the ..
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Tertiary education in small states: planning in the context of globalization
Small states have in common a number of challenges and opportunities, including in the domain of ..
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Running to stand still: higher education in a period of global economic crisis
The world's leading economies are experiencing the worst fi nancial crisis since the Great Depres..
Equity and quality assurance: a marriage of two minds
Policy-makers in higher education need to formulate coherent and effective overall policies for h..
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Institutional restructuring in higher education within the Commonwealth of Independent States
The expansion of the market economy has led to several reforms in higher education, changing the ..
Ecoles corrompues, universités corrompues: que faire ?
Appels d'offres truqués,détournements de fonds,droits d'inscription illégaux,fraude académiqu..
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Higher education reforms: institutional restructuring in Asia
Reforms in higher education are very often driven by both financial considerations and by efforts..
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The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda
It is widely known that the HIV and AIDS pandemics have serious impacts on different areas of soc..
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