Rethinking capacity development

In order to analyze the complexities related to capacity development, IIEP undertook a wide range of studies, including detailed country analyses, short reports, thematic papers and case-studies.

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Analysis of capacity development in educational planning and management in Ethiopia
Many initiatives in Ethiopia in recent years have aimed to strengthen the capacities of education..
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Donors and capacity development in Guyana and Bangladesh
Development agencies' concerns about aid effectiveness are being increasingly linked to aid-recip..
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Institucionalidad de los Ministerios de Educacion: Los procesos de reforma educativa de Chile y la Argentina en los anos 90
?Desarrollo de institucionalidad para lograr las metas de Educación para Todos?, IIPE-UNESCO sed..
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Capacity development in education planning and management in fragile states
Is capacity development in fragile states feasible? Is it possible for outsiders to help turn aro..
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An analysis of the status of educational planners
Capacity development of educational planners and managers should not only consist of training act..
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Without capacity, there is no development
Capacity development is a very complex endeavour: the constraints are not related simply to lack ..
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Incentive structures as a capacity development strategy in public service delivery
Incentive structures play a crucial role when it comes to capacity development by motivating indi..
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Capacity development in educational planning and management: learning from successes and failures
Some twenty international experts in capacity development (CD) in education met at IIEP for two d..
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Learning purposefully in capacity development: why, what and when to measure?
Monitoring and evaluation of capacity development faces a fundamental dilemma. On the one hand, c..
The role and impact of NGOs in capacity development: from replacing the state to reinvigorating education
As development actors, NGOs have become key service providers in countries where the government i..