Adverse effects of private supplementary tutoring

Adverse effects of private supplementary tutoring

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Serie: Ethics and corruption in education
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Private supplementary tutoring has long been a major phenomenon in someparts of East Asia, particularly Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan. In recentdecades it has grown significantly in both industrialized and less developedsocieties. This monograph focuses on the adverse effects of private tutoring,which include distortion of the mainstream curricula, pressure on young pupils,exacerbation ofsocial inequalities, and manipulation of clients by tutors –particularly in situations where mainstream teachers provide paid supplementarytutoring for their own pupils after school hours. It begins by considering thenature, scale and causes of private supplementary tutoring. It then turns to theimpact of tutoring on mainstream lessons, on societies, and on economies. It goeson to analyze government responses, with reference to the cases of Mauritius,Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea. It comments on theimplications of each of these strategies and, for policy-makers who decide torecognize and regulate tutoring, elaborates on ways in which this can beachieved

Authors Bray, Mark
Country Hong Kong/Korea R/Mauritius/Singapore/Taiwan
ISBN 92-803-1240-5
Date of publication 2003
Number of pages 84 p.

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