Changing needs for training in educational planning and administration: final report of an IIEP seminar

Changing needs for training in educational planning and administration: final report of an IIEP seminar

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This report sums up the conclusions of the working groups that participated in the above-mentioned seminar. It first considers the changing trends in educational planning and their implications for training, then looks at decentralization and its implications for training, and personnel policy and training of educational planners and administrators. The second part of the report defines the models for identifying training needs and discusses a pilot study undertaken in Peru. The third part deals with various methods of training as part of the programme content. Training objectives are classified in three categories: attitudes,aptitudes and knowledge. The most significant suggestions and proposals have been grouped together in the form of a concluding chapter, highlighting the principal results of this seminar.Ce rapport résume les conclusions des groupes de travail qui ont participé au séminaire de l'IIPE. On considère tout d'abord l'évolution de la planification de l'éducation et ses conséquences en matière de formation, et enfin la politique du personnel travaillant dans l'administration et la planification de l'éducation et sa formation. La seconde partie définit les modèles d'identification des besoins de formation qu'il considère comme faisant partie du contenu d'un programme. Les objectifs pédagogiques y ont été classifiés en trois catégories: attitudes, aptitudes, connaissances. Les contributions et les propositions les plus importantes sont reprises en conclusion afin de dégager les principaux enseignements du séminaire.

Authors Tibi, Claude/McDowall, Stella
Country Asia/Algeria/Brazil/Ghana/Indonesia/Latin America/Arab States/Africa
Date of publication 1977
Number of pages 73 p.

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