Costs and financing

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Improving school financing: The use and usefulness of school grants
In a growing number of countries, a significant reform in educational management is under way: sc..
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Améliorer le financement de l'éducation: utilisation et utilité des subventions aux écoles. Asie de l'Est et Pacifique
Une réforme considérable de la gestion du secteur de l’éducation est en cours dans un nombre..
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Achieving transparency in pro-poor education incentives
What are the best ways to ensure that scholarships, conditional cash transfers, free school meals..
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Enquêtes de suivi des dépenses publiques dans l’éducation
Les enquêtes de suivi des dépenses publiques (ESDP) permettent aux décideurs d'évaluer le bon..
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L'ombre du système éducatif : quel soutien scolaire privé, quelles politiques publiques?
L'ombre du système éducatif fait référence au soutien scolaire privé.Cet enseignement,qui ex..
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Private supplementary tutoring in Central Asia: new opportunities and burdens
This book focuses on private tutoring in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Through internati..
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This book focuses on the so-called shadow education system of private supplementary tutoring. In ..
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The challenges of free primary education in Ethiopia
Ethiopia has a relatively long and smooth experience with the abolition of school fees compared t..
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Double-shift schooling: design and operation for cost-effectiveness (3rd ed.)
Double-shift schooling primarily aims to extend and minimize unit costs. However, some systems on..
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Demand-side financing in education
Demand-side f nancing is a way in which the government can f nance private consumption of certain..
The shadow education system: private tutoring and its implications for planners (second edition)
Private tutoring is an important phenomenon that has arisen in a wide variety of countries and ca..
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Forms of student support in Sweden: past, present and future
This book is part of a series of in-depth studies on the functioning of government-sponsored stud..
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Student loans schemes in Mauritius: experience, analysis and scenarios
This study examines the existing student loans schemes in Mauritius with a view to making scenari..
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