A review of the student loans scheme in China

A review of the student loans scheme in China

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Serie: Student loans schemes
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This book is part of a new series on student loans schemes.Student loans schemes were first introduced in China in 1986. In the currentcontext of economic transition, as well as continued expansion ofhigher education, such schemes are becoming an increasingly importantmeans of financing tertiary education.This study looks at the development of student loans in China, paying particularattention to the current Government-Subsidized Student Loans Scheme (GSSLS),launched as of 1999. The authors examine the organizational structure andmain features of the scheme, as well as the effect it has on access tohigher education. They point out that although the loans help provideeducational opportunities for poorer students, there are still questions ofinequity to be resolved. On the basis of its analysis, the monograph providespertinent suggestions for reform, and will be of particular interest topolicy-makers, both in the Asian region and elsewhere

Authors Shen, Hong/Li, Wenli
Country China
ISBN 92-803-1233-2
Date of publication 2003
Number of pages 114 p.

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