Manual for monitoring and evaluating education partnerships

Manual for monitoring and evaluating education partnerships

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Partnerships for Education
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UNESCO and the World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative have launched a new programme, "Partnerships for Education" (PfE). PfE aims to create a global coalition for multi-stakeholder partnerships for education, including the private sector, in order to advance progress towards the objectives of Education for All (EFA). This Manual is PfE's second publication. It was designed to provide partnership practitioners with monitoring and evaluation guidance at different stages of partnership establishment and implementation. It will be particularly useful for anybody involved in education partnerships in any sort of coordination, management or governance capacity.

Authors Marriott, Niall; Goyder, Hugh
Country developing countries
ISBN 978-92-803-1337-6
Date of publication 2009
Number of pages 114 p.

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