Education Policy Series

Designed for rapid consultation ‘on the run’ by senior decision-makers in ministries of education who rarely have time to read lengthy research reports, these books offer an overview of research on a range of educational issues

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Gender and social exclusion
This booklet is about the combined effects of gender and social exclusion on student participatio..
Corruption and education
This booklet deals with the issue of corruption in the education sector. How can we define corrup..
Program evaluation: large-scale and small-scale studies
It is increasingly incumbent upon ministries of education to build evaluation into new programs ..
National assessments of educational achievement
One of the key features of the worldwide discussion and debate concerning the need to achieve Edu..
Poverty and education
Two consistent research findings in the social sciences relate to the relationship between econom..
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Demand-side financing in education
Demand-side f nancing is a way in which the government can f nance private consumption of certain..
Preparation, recruitment, and retention of teachers
The purpose of this monograph is to identify issues that summarize research fi ndings and best pr..
Grade repetition
“Grade repetition” (sometimes referred to as “grade retention”) occurs when students are ..
School-based management
This booklet is about «school-based management» – a feld that has become a very popular movem..
Economic outcomes and school quality
Huge sums of money are spent on education each year and there are those who ask if it really is n..
Accountability in education
As the economies of nations compete for strong positions within a competitive global market place..
Recruitment, retention and development of school principals
The recruitment, retention, and development of school principals are matters of great importance ..