Education and sector-wide approaches in Namibia

Education and sector-wide approaches in Namibia

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: International co-operation in education
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This study describes and analyzes the sector-wide approach (SWAp) process in Namibia and highlights the problems and challenges faced by the Ministry of Education as well as by development partners. Two ministries of education, Basic and Higher, have been participating jointly in a move to a sector-wide approach to planning and budget support in Namibia, although in different ways, which are examined in the book. The study makes a number of recommendations on how to move the SWAp process forward and emphasizes the importance of recognizing the exisiting sector-wide planning process for any new externally funded programme. It also makes suggestions for training and capacity development for educational managers and planners.

Authors West, Robert C.
Country Namibia
ISBN 978-92-803-2345-0
Date of publication 2004
Number of pages 231 p.

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