Le contexte social de la planification de l'éducation

Le contexte social de la planification de l'éducation

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Principes de la planification de l'éducation
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The purpose of this study is to criticize the way we usually practice the educational planning and to emphasize the importance of many social factors generally neglected by planners. The author sociologist defines the area where he believes that educational planning can be effective and shows just how far education can be an instrument of social change and economic modernization. He retained in this paper the seven themes for discussion: ambiguity of the notion of educational planning; multiplicity of functions of school education, conditions for effective training, socio-political constraints that affect the planning education, issues of equity and quality; school adjustment factor of the scale of values​​, influence of social context on the effects of education. He concludes that there should be education systems more autonomy. Because it is such a liberal approach to education that will provide maximum benefit "social".

Authors Anderson, Charles Arnold
ISBN 92-803-2010-6
Date of publication 1967
Number of pages 35 p.

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