General studies in educational planning

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Education in austerity: options for planners
Constitutes a first attempt to explore in detail the nature of pressures on educational budgets a..
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Socio-economic and educational reforms in Ethiopia (1942-1974): correspondence and contradiction
Using the theory of correspondence and contradiction, the author analyzes the interaction between..
Responsive educational planning: myth or reality?
This paper focuses on an analysis of the two general approaches to educational planning--the cent..
New directions in educational planning: implications for training
This paper identifies the directions in which new developments in educational planning are moving..
Investment in Indian education: size, sources and effectiveness
This study discusses investment in the Indian educational system with respect to measuring method..
The training of expertise
A major theme of this series of papers is the need to build evaluation and experimentation as a c..
Experience in Tanzania in identifying and satisfying local needs in education
Tanzania inherited a basically illiterate population that is largely rural. Hence, Tanzania is ac..
Realistic educational planning
Monograph on the difficulties involved in successful educational planning - Considers the importa..
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Integrating the educational plan into the economic and social plan: some aspects of French and Soviet experience
This paper describes and compares the processes of economic and social planning in France and the..