Knowledge for the future: research capacity in developing countries

Knowledge for the future: research capacity in developing countries

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Knowledge has become a critical factor for economic growth. Governments and public universities play an important role in its production and distribution. At present, given its role in production and profitability, producing knowledge has also become an important corporate concern. Investments in research and development have therefore increased substantially in the developed countries. Public investment in research and development in developing countries is rather low, however, and private investment is not forthcoming. This is contributing to a widening of the knowledge divide between developed and developing countries. There is a need for the developing countries to improve their research and development capacity by investing in their financial and human resources. The role of universities remains unchallenged in the area of research training. This paper argues for reviving and strengthening the university system in developing countries to reinforce their research capacities. This implies increased levels of resource allocation to higher education and research, encouragement of private investment in research and development activities, an expansion of graduate programmes and greater female participation in research and development.

Authors Sanyal, Bikas C./Varghese, N.V.
Country Viet Nam/developing countries
Date of publication 2007
Number of pages 20 p.

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