Educational Planning

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Evaluation and accreditation of non-formal education in the Philippines
Described here is the Accreditation and Equivalency Programme (AEP), begun in the Philippines in ..
Socio-economic and educational reforms in Ethiopia (1942-1974): correspondence and contradiction
Using the theory of correspondence and contradiction, the author analyzes the interaction between..
Cours intensif de formation sur la méthodologie de l'élaboration de la carte scolaire: rapport
L'objectif de ce cours était de familiariser des fonctionnaires des Ministères de l'Education N..
Curso Intensivo Latinoamericano de Micro-Planificación (Mapa Escolar)
Ce cours intensif organisé au Venezuela avec la participation de six autres pays d'Amérique Lat..
Schooling for alienation: the Ethiopian experience
Conducted with 1500 randomly selected Ethiopian twelfth grade students, this study explored reaso..
Responsive educational planning: myth or reality?
This paper focuses on an analysis of the two general approaches to educational planning--the cent..
New directions in educational planning: implications for training
This paper identifies the directions in which new developments in educational planning are moving..
La planification de l'éducation: options et décisions
This study presents an analysis of the range of options available to educational planners in ..
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Indicators of the performance of educational systems
In this paper discussion is restricted to indicators of educational system performance. By "educa..
Investment in Indian education: size, sources and effectiveness
This study discusses investment in the Indian educational system with respect to measuring method..
Alternatives and decisions in educational planning
This booklet presents an analysis of the range of options open to educational planners in designi..
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