Educational Planning

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The professional identity of the educational planner
The booklet deals with the basic question every planning should ask himself: professionally speak..
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The conditions for success in educational planning
This report analyzes some of the conditions necessary for successful educational planning with em..
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Methodologies of educational planning for developing countries
The aim of this manual is to help the office dealing with planning of educational development and..
Development administration: obstacles, theories and implications for planning
In developing countries, public administration is hampered by a number of obstacles foreign to la..
La planification de l'enseignement: évaluation des coûts
Cette étude propose deux types différents d'expérience dans le domaine de l'évaluation des co..
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Criteria for appraising educational planning in under-developed countries: with examples from the experience of Afghanistan
This paper discusses some of the factors affecting educational planning in under-developed countr..
The relation of educational plans to economic and social planning
This booklet is concerned with methods of integrating plans for education with the plans for a co..
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Le contexte social de la planification de l'éducation
The purpose of this study is to criticize the way we usually practice the educational planning an..
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The social context of educational planning
The purpose of this work is to question the way educational planning is usually done and to empha..
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The costing of educational plans
This booklet presents two different types of experience in the field of costing educational plans..
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