Emergencies and reconstruction

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Rapid response: programming for education needs in emergencies
Why do United Nations agencies and international non-governmental organizations repeatedly use th..
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Fragmented foundations: education and chronic crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
This study explores the setting up and development of the first Palestinian-led education system,..
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Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstruction (Second edition, CD ROM only)
When serious crisis or conflict hits a country, schools are often abandoned or reduced to rubble...
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Islands of education: schooling, civil war and the Southern Sudanese (1983-2004)
Victims of warfare, famine, slavery, and isolation, the Southern Sudanese are one of the most und..
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Parallel worlds: rebuilding the education system in Kosovo
In spring 1999, after a short but bloody civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees were repatr..
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Co-ordinating education during emergencies and reconstruction: challenges and responsibilities
While co-ordination is essentially a method of getting institutions to work together, it is clear..
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Learning independence: education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999
This study looks at how schooling in East Timor was affected by the political violence and large-..
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