Equality of education for targeted groups

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Mejorar la equidad en la educación básica: lecciones de programas recientes en América Latina
En la educación básica latinoamericana, más allá de los logros obtenidos en la expansión, su..
10.00 €
Besoins diversifiés et éducation pour tous
Des efforts importants ont été faits dans de nombreux pays pour accroître l'accès à l'éduca..
Addressing learning needs of rural people in Asia
In 2002, the FAO and UNESCO launched a flagship on Education for Rural People (ERP) to help foste..
7.00 €
Bolsa Escola: historia y evolución
Este documento relata la historia, características y desafíos de la implementación del Program..
Islands of education: schooling, civil war and the Southern Sudanese (1983-2004)
Victims of warfare, famine, slavery, and isolation, the Southern Sudanese are one of the most und..
10.00 €
Higher education for rural development: the experience of the University of Cordoba
This study describes the successful reform of the University of Cordoba (Spain) to face the radic..
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Reforming higher agricultural education institutions: the case of the School of Agriculture at Monterrey Tech (ITESM)
Over the past two decades, the School of Agriculture at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios ..
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Scolarisation des filles : la réussite de Sinendé au Bénin
Cet ouvrage s'attache à présenter le projet Education et Communauté "Educom" mis en oeuvre au ..
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Multigrade schools: improving access in rural Africa?
This booklet addresses a problem that is crucial to the implementation of Education for All: how ..
10.00 €
Social inequality at school and educational policies
This study looks at the links between school and social inequalities, both the way in which schoo..
10.00 €
Education for street children in Kenya: the role of the Undugu Society
This booklet presents and evaluates a programme set up by the Undugu Society of Kenya to address ..
7.00 €
Learning independence: education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999
This study looks at how schooling in East Timor was affected by the political violence and large-..
7.00 €
Parallel worlds: rebuilding the education system in Kosovo
In spring 1999, after a short but bloody civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees were repatr..
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