Equality of education for targeted groups

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Women, higher education and employment in the developing countries
Constitutes an analysis of data from six Asian and four African countries obtained for the IIEP R..
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Analysing urban-rural disparities in education in Poland: methodological lessons
The aim of this study, addressed to fellow researchers in other countries, is to describe the fac..
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Demand for education and its implications for reform at the village level
This document attempts to relate the demand for education to educational developments and socio-e..
Reduction of regional disparities: the role of educational planning
Based on eight monographs presented and discussed at a working meeting of the International Insti..
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Relations between education and technical progress in agriculture: training of specialists: the Sudanese experience
The objective of this study is to highlight some of the relations which exist between agricultura..
Education des femmes en tant que facteur important du développement des zones rurales : expérience de la RSS de Turkménistan
Cette étude est consacrée à l'expérience de la RSS de Turkménistan dans le domaine de l'édu..
Education and production needs in the rural community: issues in the search for a national system
The broad purpose of this paper is that of considering the full implications for effective rural ..
The use of modern media for rural education in developing countries: the organisational problems
In developing countries, the means of both providing scool-age children with a basic education an..