Equality of education for targeted groups

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Migration from rural areas: employment and education
This paper centers on: the nature of migration and how to assess itwhat happens to migrants in ru..
Rural education in Bangladesh: problems and prospects
As a land of extreme rural poverty and illiteracy, Bangladesh needs to consciously promote, devel..
Some issues in rural education: equity, efficiency and employment
Recommendations for a new emphasis in rural education have arisen out of what is seen as a crisis..
Rural education and under-development: aspects of the politics of education
The nations of the capitalistic world devote a high percentage of their exports to trade with oth..
Curriculum development for basic education in rural areas
Section I of this paper discusses assumptions about ruralization of the educational curriculum in..
Education for rural development: some implications for planning
Rural development is a far more complex, long term proposition than has been generally admitted, ..
Planning education in relation to rural development
The book argues that agricultural education, however enlightened, is unlikely on its own to pione..
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La planification de l'éducation en relation avec le développement rural
L'auteur veut démontrer que l'enseignement agricole, aussi éclairé soit-il, ne saurait, par se..
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Planning education for a plural society
Monograph presenting a study of educational planning for multi-racial society - Studies the impac..
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