Financing secondary education in the Philippines

Financing secondary education in the Philippines

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Serie: IIEP Research Report
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This report describes the Philippine secondary educational system, with particular emphasis on the system of financing different types of secondary schools, including public high schools, barrio high schools, private secondary schools, and public secondary vocational schools. Part 3 presents statistical data on secondary school enrolment, teachers, and schools, as well as on program costs and expenditures for secondary education. Part 4 presents a case study of Masaya Barrio Development High School, and describes a study of a sample of 143 barrio high schools. Part 5 discusses the future of Philippine secondary education and presents a proposed design for a new financial system for Philippine public schools.

Authors Cruz, Leopoldo/Calado, René R.
Country Philippines
Date of publication 1975
Number of pages 168 p.

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