Fundamentals of educational planning

This series highlights recent developments in educational planning and policies and discusses their implications.

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Educational access, equity, and development: Planning to make rights realities
Universal access to learning through basic education lies at the heart of development. Despite co..
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The shadow education system: private tutoring and its implications for planners (1st ed.)
Information on private education's pervasiveness and potential implications is scarce. This bookl..
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Developing countries in the e-learning era
In addition to reducing geographical isolation, distanceeducation, thanks to its more favourable ..
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The Bologna Process: Its impact in Europe and Beyond
This book outlines the development of the Bologna Process,reviewing how it came into existence an..
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Planning for technical and vocational skills development
The position of skills development on the agenda of policy-makers and development agencies improv..
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Methods of grouping learners at school
How should classrooms be formed in a school? What criteria should be used for dividing ..
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Literacy for all: making a difference
Literacy is a human and democratic right and a basic learning need; it is critical in achieving t..
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Double-shift schooling: design and operation for cost-effectiveness (3rd ed.)
Double-shift schooling primarily aims to extend and minimize unit costs. However, some systems on..
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Effective literacy programmes: options for policy-makers
The fourth goal set by the Dakar Forum on Education for All (EFA) in 2000 aimed to "achieve a 50 ..
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International schools: growth and influence
Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in the number of international schools worldwide. ..
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School clusters and teacher resource centres
In the context of Education for All, teacher resource centres and school cluster strategies are i..
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Planning for cultural diversity
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is continuing debate about education in a cul..
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Education and employment in OECD countries
The purpose of education is to prepare youth for the world of work; without adequate qualificatio..
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The shadow education system: private tutoring and its implications for planners (second edition)
Private tutoring is an important phenomenon that has arisen in a wide variety of countries and ca..
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Global perspectives on teacher learning: improving policy and practice
This booklet looks at all forms of teacher learning, formal and informal, from teachers. own earl..
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