Fundamentals of educational planning

This series highlights recent developments in educational planning and policies and discusses their implications.

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Higher education and social stratification: an international comparative study
Analyses the social stratification process from a theoretical viewpoint; attempts to provide an h..
A conceptual framework for the development of lifelong education in the USSR
Revolution in science and technology has placed fundamentally new demands on education. Alongside..
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Education in austerity: options for planners
Constitutes a first attempt to explore in detail the nature of pressures on educational budgets a..
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The planning of nonformal education
The author suggests different definitions of the concept and scope of nonformal education: from a..
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Education, training and the traditional sector
The authors review the existing literature on the relationship between education, training and em..
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Higher education and employment: the IIEP experience in five less developed countries
The authors review findings of studies on the employment of university graduates in Egypt, the Ph..
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Communication media in education for low-income countries: implications for planning
The authors outline the problems involved in planning the use of communication media in education..
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Planning teacher demand and supply
Based on the conviction that better and more systematic planning of teacher supply and demand is ..
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Planning early childhood care and education in developing countries
This booklet attempts to provide straightforward answers in non-technical language to three quest..
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Planning the school curriculum
This booklet deals with the problems and issues related to the development of schools curricula, ..
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Cost factors in planning educational technology systems
A considerable amount of experience in the use of instructional media systems has been accumulate..
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