Fundamentals of educational planning

This series highlights recent developments in educational planning and policies and discusses their implications.

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The planner and lifelong education
The three sections making up the main body of this publication look at lifelong education from th..
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Education and employment: a critical appraisal
This booklet provides a critical appraisal of the relationship between education and employment. ..
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Alternatives and decisions in educational planning
This booklet presents an analysis of the range of options open to educational planners in designi..
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Planning education in relation to rural development
The book argues that agricultural education, however enlightened, is unlikely on its own to pione..
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Planning educational assistance for the Second Development Decade
This monograph gives an account of the progress achieved in, and the problems and criticisms dire..
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Study abroad and educational development
Monograph discussing training abroad programmes in relation to educational planning and general d..
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Realistic educational planning
Monograph on the difficulties involved in successful educational planning - Considers the importa..
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Planning the primary school curriculum in developing countries
Booklet on primary school curriculum development in developing countries - Deals with questions o..
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Planning education for a plural society
Monograph presenting a study of educational planning for multi-racial society - Studies the impac..
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Educational planning: the adviser's role
The booklet discusses the role of the foreign adviser who puts his experience and expertise at th..
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Educational planning and unemployed youth
This booklet discusses the extent and the characteristics of youth unemployment in developing cou..
What is educational planning?
This report analyzes some of the conditions necessary for successful educational planning with em..
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The analysis of educational costs and expenditure
This booklet presents an economist's view of the problems he faces in an analysis of educational ..
The professional identity of the educational planner
The booklet deals with the basic question every planning should ask himself: professionally speak..
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