Fundamentals of educational planning

This series highlights recent developments in educational planning and policies and discusses their implications.

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The professional identity of the educational planner
The booklet deals with the basic question every planning should ask himself: professionally speak..
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The problems of rural education
The part played by rural schools that give a general education and the effect such schools have o..
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Educational planning and human resource development
These two essays on human resource development deal with priorities and choices in human resource..
Planning and the educational administrator
This booklet concentrates on the relations between the Ministry of Education as a whole ('the adm..
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The social context of educational planning
The purpose of this work is to question the way educational planning is usually done and to empha..
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The costing of educational plans
This booklet presents two different types of experience in the field of costing educational plans..
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The relation of educational plans to economic and social planning
This booklet is concerned with methods of integrating plans for education with the plans for a co..
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Trade in higher education: The role of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
The creation of the General Agreement on Trade in Services(GATS) reflects the formalization of ma..
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