HIV and AIDS in Kenyan teacher colleges: mitigating the impact

HIV and AIDS in Kenyan teacher colleges: mitigating the impact

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Proactive policies implemented within the education sector in Kenya have raised awareness of HIV and AIDS and its implications. And yet, this awareness does not seem to have been translated into dramatic change in sexual behaviour. This study looks at the ways in which teacher training colleges have organized institutional responses to HIV and AIDS as well as the attitudes of trainees, tutors and other stakeholders to the epidemic. The findings shed light on the discrepancy between what is taught and what is practised, and identify the causes behind this. The booklet notably raises questions about the colleges themselves as a vector for HIV transmission and recommends pragmatic policy decisions than can be taken to effectively combat the pandemic.

Authors Nzioka, Charles/Korongo, Allan/Njiru, Roseanne
Country Kenya
Date of publication 2007
Number of pages 83 p.

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