Decentralization of educational management: experiences from South Asia

Decentralization of educational management: experiences from South Asia

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The issue of decentralization entered the educational management debate in South Asia nearly 50 years ago, in the wake of gaining independence from colonial rule. While the interest and efforts to decentralize gradually waned thereafter, it has again come to the fore; decentralization is seen as a management solution to improve the efficiency of the education system. Although the educational management scene in the region is quite complex, a number of countries in South Asia have acquired a wealth of experience through their various attempts at decentralizing education. The move towards decentralised management of education has given rise to a number of issues demanding the attention of educational planners and managers in these countries. An attempt is made in the following to examine some of these critical issues, with particular reference to decentralised processes adopted for planning and management of basic education programmes. Within South Asia, this volume is confined to an analysis of the situation in five countries, namely, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The initial section of Part I is devoted to discussing and clarifying the concept of decentralization. This is followed by a global review of the rationale put forth for introducing decentralised management practices. The secondsection of the paper gives an account of the South-Asian scenario in terms of the background characteristics of the countries and the current trends in the policies and practices of decentralization. An attempt is made in the third section to identify and discuss the critical issues involved in the process of decentralization in general, and with respect to the educational management systems of the South-Asian countries, in particular. The last section oí Part I is devoted to a discussion of possible strategies for strengthening decentralised management processes in South-Asian countries, with particular focus on the needs for building capacities for planning and management at various levels.

Authors Govinda, Rangachar
Country South Asia/Bangladesh/India/Nepal/Pakistan/Sri Lanka
Date of publication 1997
Number of pages 283 p.

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