Educational planning and human resource development

Educational planning and human resource development

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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These two essays on human resource development deal with priorities and choices in human resource development on the one hand, and a systems analysis approach to human resource development planning on the other. In the first essay, the author outlines several critical areas of choice such as: the choice between the levels of education; the choice between quality and numbers; and the choice of incentives. In the second essay, he identifies the major human resource problems in developing societies, namely: (a) rapidly growing populations; (b) increasing unemployment in the modern sectors of the economy; (c) shortages of persons with critical skills and knowledge required for effective national development; (d) frailty and inefficiency of those organizations and institutions in charge of mobilizing human effort.

Authors Harbison, Frederick H.
ISBN 92-803-1008-9
Date of publication 1967
Number of pages 34 p.

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