Preparation, recruitment, and retention of teachers

Preparation, recruitment, and retention of teachers

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Education Policy Series
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The purpose of this monograph is to identify issues that summarize research fi ndings and best practices related
to the preparation, recruitment, and retention of quality teachers. It was designed to help policymakers make
decisions about how best to prepare teachers, recruit outstanding candidates to teaching, and retain them in
the teaching profession. The phrase “quality teachers” has been used in this booklet in place of the more traditional
“qualifi ed teachers”.
Whereas qualifi ed teachers meet various licensure and certification requirements, quality teachers are those who
positively infl uence student learning. Research in the late 1990s and early 2000s has lent
support to the long-held belief that good teachers make a great difference to their students’ academic achievement.
When students have as few as two inferior teachers in a row, they almost never catch up academically with
their peers. Thus, recruiting academically successful university students into teaching, preparing them well
for the challenges of teaching, and retaining them in the profession have all become key goals in helping students
achieve high academic standards. Attention has turned from concern over having a suffi cient number of teachers
to a concern about having a suffi cient number of quality teachers. Unlike some of the other monographs in this series
where a strong research base exists, research into the preparation, recruitment, and retention of teachers is
more limited and sometimes contradictory. In those cases where the research is particularly limited or contradictory,
promising practices have been described. In addition, the policy implications of each principle have been discussed
Authors Cooper, James M./Alvarado, Amy
ISBN 92-803-1290-1
Date of publication 2006
Number of pages 26 p.

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