Staff training in a period of change in the administration of education systems

Staff training in a period of change in the administration of education systems

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The great changes that have taken place in educational systems in the last fifteen years have caused ministries of education to make considerable modification in their structure and ways of operating. These changes have been brought about by the explosion in the number of schools, the changes in public opinion regarding the role of education, and the public's increased desire to have a share in educational decision-making. These pressures have forced two main changes in administration. The first concerns the structure of the central administration. The new plan adopts a functional structure that usually includes divisions for planning and statistics, curriculum and methods, personnel management, management of buildings and equipment, and finance and budgetary control. The second big change is decentralization of authority. These changes have created great change in the work of central administrators and have created a need for inservice education to prepare administrators for both their specialized work in the sector to which they belong and their role as team members who support the work being done in outposts units. Training should employ a seminar format that uses higher officials to teach lower officials (from ERIC database).

Authors Duvieusart, Baudouin
Date of publication 1977
Number of pages 19 p.

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