Student loans in Thailand: are they effective, equitable, sustainable?

Student loans in Thailand: are they effective, equitable, sustainable?

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Serie: Student loans schemes
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This book is the first in a new series on student loans schemes. The Thai student loans scheme was launched in 1996, but gained particular importance after the onset of the financial crisis that hit Thailand in mid-1997. In a context of reduced family incomes, shrinking school enrolment levels and increased student drop-out, the student loans scheme was seen to have a crucial role to play, particularly for poorer households. This monograph looks at the extent to which the scheme actually did fulfil its role. It examines its characteristics and main lines of development, and makes a critical evaluation of its achievements and shortcomings. The study sheds light not only on questions specific to the Thai situation, but is also relevant in a broader context. The issues of planning, monitoring, evaluation and organizational structure in particular are seen as vital areas to be addressed for any loans scheme.

Authors Adrian Ziderman
Country Thailand
ISBN 92-803-1231-6
Date of publication 2003
Number of pages 151 p.

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