Successful Decentralization: The roles and challenges of DEOs in Kenya

Successful Decentralization: The roles and challenges of DEOs in Kenya

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Education Sector Planning
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Many countries have taken the path of decentralization in recent years, for different motives but with the common objective of a more effective education system and improved quality. However, decentralization has created new challenges. It is essential to analyse the implementation of this policy at local level, so as to better understand these challenges and identify strategies for successful implementation.
In this context, IIEP-UNESCO has implemented a research project in three countries of Eastern and Southern Africa with different decentralization policies – namely, Kenya, Lesotho, and Uganda. The research focused on the District Education Office (DEO), which is in a position to play a strategic role at the local level in the implementation of the decentralization policy, as it links with the Ministry of Education, schools, and the district level authorities.
The research focused on four main themes which play a key role in the effectiveness of this office: quality monitoring, staff and financial resources management, and the relations of the DEO with central and local authorities.

Date of publication 2014
Number of pages 30 p.

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