The problems of rural education

The problems of rural education

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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The part played by rural schools that give a general education and the effect such schools have on rural development are explored in this booklet. Information is based on 21 years of experience in the Sudan and on observation during visits to East and West Africa, the Middle East, and the West Indies. Major topics are common solutions, rural needs, and planning requirements. The section on planning requirements is divided into information on the base line for planning: possible objectives, including a minimum, aximum, and intermediate objective; and the teaching staff. The appendix consists of an example of an intermediate stage project emphasizing expert staff, costs, relationships, and follow-up.

Authors Griffiths, V.L.
ISBN 92-803-1022-4
Date of publication 1968
Number of pages 37 p.

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