The role of supervision in improving the teaching/learning process in Nepal

The role of supervision in improving the teaching/learning process in Nepal

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Focusing on the role of supervisors, this study looked at factors affecting the teaching and learning process in Nepalese schools. A brief review of the educational reform effort in Nepal and of the National Education System Plan leads to a look at current conditions in education, drawing from questionnaire results and observations from schools in three districts. This section deals with such features as class size and attendance, teacher competency, and the utilization of teaching materials. The next section describes in detail the organization of educational administration and supervision and the specific role of each component. It is followed by an evaluation of Nepalese administration and supervision. The study concludes with a number of proposals to improve the effectiveness of supervision, and of educational efforts generally, in Nepal. The main recommendations of the study include the following: (1) Teachers should be incorporated into the civil service structure, (2) the determination of teacher salary should rest on qualifications, not on the grade level taught, (3) greater emphasis should be put on preservice rather than inservice teacher training, (4) there should be a single level of district supervisor responsible for each district's schools, and (5) the position of supervisor ought to be made less onerous (from ERIC database).

Authors Wheeler, A.C.R.
Country Nepal
Date of publication 1980
Number of pages 121 p.

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