Corruption and education

Corruption and education

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Serie: Education Policy Series
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This booklet deals with the issue of corruption in the education sector. How can we define corruption in education? How can
we assess the magnitude of malpractices in the sector? How can we improve transparency and accountability in each of
the domains of educational planning and management (such as financing, public procurement, teacher management,
and examinations)? This booklet addresses these questions in order to help countries develop more appropriate
strategies to detect, reduce, and control corrupt practices, thus contributing to more efficient and equitable education
The booklet identifies a number of factors that have placed the issue of corruption in education higher on the agenda
during the last decade. It refers in particular to several international conventions, to various research works and
to specific challenges facing the education sector, such as the decentralization of educational funding and management,
the growing competition among both students and schools, and the boom in new technologies.
The booklet then reviews several tools to assess corrupt practices within the education sector, such as public
expenditure tracking surveys, quantitative service delivery surveys, and report cards. It identifies several criteria for
their success, especially the wide dissemination of their findings. It also emphasizes that these assessments often
neglect key dimensions, such as the effects of corruption on the development of attitudes and value systems.
The booklet demonstrates that improving transparency and accountability in the education sector requires concerted
action on three mains fronts: developing transparent regulation systems and standards, building management
capacity, and promoting greater ownership of administrative and financial processes. Each of these areas is illustrated
by presenting practical cases taken from international experience.
Authors Muriel Poisson
ISBN 978-92-803-1342-0
Date of publication 2010
Number of pages 30 p.

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