School-based management

School-based management

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Education Policy Series
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This booklet is about «school-based management» – a feld that has become a very popular movement over the past decade. But what exactly is school-based manage-ment? Where has it been implemented – and with what success? How is it connected with decentralization, and to what extent is it embedded within certain political and/or ideological preferences and orientations? What contex-tual conditions and capacity building programmes are required in order for it to be implemented successfully? Is there any evidence that it has a positive impact upon student learning – in either developed or developing coun-tries? These are some of the important policy questions that have been addressed by this issue of the Education Policy Booklet Series.The booklet addresses these questions by bringing for-ward a set of propositions about school-based manage-ment – and then seeking to clarify these on the basis of research and accumulated professional experience. The main objective of the discussion has been to provide sen-ior-decision makers with sound foundation knowledge about the key concepts and related research in this area so that they can engage in informed debate on whether or not school-based management has been a “success” – or whether it is just another passing fashion in the feld of educational administration.The initial applications of school-based management oc-curred in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Many governments and agencies associated with developing countries have also become increasingly interested in this management approach as they seek to explore alternatives for placing educational resources, decision-making, and responsibilities “closer to the ac-tion” – and at a distance from the control of centralized authorities.

Authors Caldwell, Brian J.
Country developing countries
ISBN 92-803-1278-2
Date of publication 2005
Number of pages 24 p.

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