Savoir, pouvoir et développement technologique dans les pays africains

Savoir, pouvoir et développement technologique dans les pays africains

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Cahiers de l'IIPE
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The first part of this study reflects on the development (technology development posing the problem of development as a whole) through a critical examination of liberal theories of development. Based on an inequality of power, "instrumentalization" of Third World countries following three successive terms: the export of commodities, industrialization by import substitution industrialization to export. The second part of this study discusses the technological dependency of South vis-à-vis the North, she is black Africa compared to the dynamics of production and consumption of knowledge and technology worldwide. Faced with almost no production of scientific and technological knowledge by the IERS-World and Black Africa-particularly, the author examines the conditions and prospects of technology development for the African continent. He believes that only one development option self-centered and cooperative relations between developing countries in the south will allow them to increase their chances of economic and social progress. The author then identifies various means by which education could contribute to scientific and technological link between school and life by resorting to education in mother tongue; integration of school in the middle. He deplores the inadequate development and inadequate technical education (middle or higher) mainly oriented service sector occupations.


Authors Lailaba Maiga, Hamidou
Country Africa/Africa South of the Sahara/Niger
Date of publication 1983
Number of pages 113 p.

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