The planning of nonformal education

The planning of nonformal education

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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The author suggests different definitions of the concept and scope of nonformal education: from activities organised outside the formal system to part of the whole integrated concept of the educational system. The author discusses the different approaches to planning nonformal education. Some emphasis is put on the recent forms of decentralised and participatory types of nonformal education. This study presents an overview of the variety of nonformal education activities which exist in the major areas of the Third World. Part of this study is devoted to the cost of nonformal education. Some bibliographical references, a list of selected institutions and newsletters interested in nonformal education are included.

Authors Evans, David R.
Country Developing countries/Africa/Asia/Latin America
ISBN 92-803-1082-8
Date of publication 1981
Number of pages 102 p.

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