Non-formal education

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Regroupements scolaires et centres de ressources pédagogiques
Dans le cadre de l’Éducation pour tous, les regroupementsscolaires et les centres de ressource..
10.00 €
Staying power: struggling to reconstruct education in Burundi since 1993
Since the crisis of 1993, Burundi has been going through a period of instability and conflict and..
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Non-formal education and basic education reform: a conceptual review
Within the context of Education for All, non-formal education is acquiring increased significance..
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Education for street children in Kenya: the role of the Undugu Society
This booklet presents and evaluates a programme set up by the Undugu Society of Kenya to address ..
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Proyecto "Amigos de los niños de la calle", Perú
Esta publicación trata con los objetivos y resultados del proyecto "Amigos de los niños de la c..
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Los Programas de capacitación para trabajadores del sector informal en América Latina
The training opportunities for marginals is placed within the historical context of economic deve..