Recent trends in technical education in Latin America

Recent trends in technical education in Latin America

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Policies and strategies for secondary education
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This book examines recent transformations with regards to the links between academic secondary education (ASE), technical and vocational education and training (TVET), and job preparation skills, in the Latin America region. It analyses changes in approaches, obstacles and advances, and major challenges, and reviews some promising strategies. Among the key questions discussed here are: How can the links between general education and TVET be improved, while taking into account the needs of local populations, social cohesion, and the demands of the labour market? And how can national education and training systems be implemented that enable effective linkage of the different resources available to promote both equity and competitiveness? The authors assert that a major challenge will be to design strategies to create bridges linking formal, non-formal, and informal education into a lifelong learning system.

Authors Jacinto, Claudia
Country Latin America
ISBN 978-92-803-1350-5
Date of publication 2010
Number of pages 206 p.

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