Levels, content and modalities in education

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Non-formal education and basic education reform: a conceptual review
Within the context of Education for All, non-formal education is acquiring increased significance..
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Forms of student support in Sweden: past, present and future
This book is part of a series of in-depth studies on the functioning of government-sponsored stud..
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Besoins diversifiés et éducation pour tous
Des efforts importants ont été faits dans de nombreux pays pour accroître l'accès à l'éduca..
Student loans schemes in Mauritius: experience, analysis and scenarios
This study examines the existing student loans schemes in Mauritius with a view to making scenari..
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Growth and expansion of private higher education in Africa
The private sector is a fast growing segment of higher education in many African countries. Both ..
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Reforming higher agricultural education institutions: the case of the School of Agriculture at Monterrey Tech (ITESM)
Over the past two decades, the School of Agriculture at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios ..
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Private higher education in Kenya
This study looks at educational policy in Kenya, focusing on the increase in private higher educa..
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Scolarisation des filles : la réussite de Sinendé au Bénin
Cet ouvrage s'attache à présenter le projet Education et Communauté "Educom" mis en oeuvre au ..
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Higher education for rural development: the experience of the University of Cordoba
This study describes the successful reform of the University of Cordoba (Spain) to face the radic..
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Trends in secondary education in industrialized countries: are they relevant for African countries?
The IIEP has produced this study on secondary education in OECD countries, in order to inform cou..
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Education for street children in Kenya: the role of the Undugu Society
This booklet presents and evaluates a programme set up by the Undugu Society of Kenya to address ..
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