Levels, content and modalities in education

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Adapting technology for school improvement: a global perspective
The application of technology to improve quality and delivery of education represents one of the ..
15.00 €
Trends in secondary education in industrialized countries: are they relevant for African countries?
The IIEP has produced this study on secondary education in OECD countries, in order to inform cou..
10.00 €
Education for street children in Kenya: the role of the Undugu Society
This booklet presents and evaluates a programme set up by the Undugu Society of Kenya to address ..
7.00 €
Reforming higher education in the Nordic countries: studies of change in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
This book is concerned with how the systems of higher education have changed in the Nordic countr..
10.00 €
La relación entre la escuela secundaria y las organizaciones sociales: experiencias en Argentina y Uruguay
Este volumen presenta las experiencias educativas con jóvenes en situación de vulnerabilidad so..
7.00 €
Student loans in the Philippines: lessons from the past
This book is part of a new series on student loans schemes.The Philippine experience with student..
7.00 €
ICT in education around the world: trends, problems and prospects
In a world moving forward into an age evermore dominated by technology, the need to educate peopl..
10.00 €
Tendencias de la educación técnica en América Latina: estudios de caso en Argentina y Chile
Este volumen analiza los procesos de reforma de la educación técnica en Argentina y Chile, inic..
10.00 €