Los Programas de capacitación para trabajadores del sector informal en América Latina

Los Programas de capacitación para trabajadores del sector informal en América Latina

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: IIPE Informe de investigación del IIPE
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The training opportunities for marginals is placed within the historical context of economic development. By the seventies it was realised that policies were inadequate for dealing with the problems of income distribution and poverty, which led to the emergence of programmes for informal sector workers. Initially, these were merely "adapted" from the formal courses and only recently has training been specially prepared for this sector. This approach takes account of the total context of marginals i.e. their education level (often very low), housing and health conditions, as well as work training. Corvalan discusses the problems of identifying the informal sector in terms of its relation to the formal sector, its production and organisation and its workforce. This leads the author to formulate a set of interesting questions which seek information about e.g. the basis on which courses are developed; their design, organisation and teaching; their actual impact on the lives of participants; and the contrast between objectives formulated and those achieved. Ten case studies are reported, 5 government and 5 non-government. All courses show considerable shifts in emphases over time, in attempts to reach the poor, although the non-governmental institutions demonstrate the closest relationship with the base communities. It is suggested that although each case study is valid in its owm right, collectively they are too variable for developing an overall theoretical structure.

Authors Corvalán Vásquez, Oscar/Lizarzaburu, Alfonso E.
Country Latin America/Ecuador/Chile/Brazil/Venezuela/Colombia/Costa Rica
Date of publication 1985
Number of pages 181 p.

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