Planning and the educational administrator

Planning and the educational administrator

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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This booklet concentrates on the relations between the Ministry of Education as a whole ('the administrator') and whatever mechanism the government has set up for overall national planning. The author analyses the special viewpoint of an administrator under various aspects of planning, namely: (a) the new dimension of planning; (b) the elaboration, adoption and implementation of an educational plan; (c) political realities; (d) the country's needs and those of the children; and finally (e) the capacity for growth. The author then summarizes the different functions of an administrator within the framework of educational planning, namely: diagnosing the situation, the proposal of new strategies, and finally the tactics used for their implementation.

Authors Beeby, Clarence Edward
Date of publication 1967
Number of pages 36 p.

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