Human resources management of non-teaching staff

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Objectives and a model for identifying training needs for educational planning and administration
This paper describes the objectives of the research undertaken by the IIEP and the model adopted ..
Personnel policy and the training of administrative and planning personnel for education in developing countries
The object of this paper is to raise some questions about the relationship between personnel poli..
Educational planning: the adviser's role
The booklet discusses the role of the foreign adviser who puts his experience and expertise at th..
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Planification de l'éducation et développement des ressources humaines
Les deux études consacrées au développement du potentiel humain traitent des prioritiés et ch..
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L'administrateur de l'éducation face à la planification
Cette brochure est centrée sur les rapports entre le ministère de l'éducation pris comme un to..
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Educational planning and human resource development
These two essays on human resource development deal with priorities and choices in human resource..
Planning and the educational administrator
This booklet concentrates on the relations between the Ministry of Education as a whole ('the adm..
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