Decentralization of education: why, when, what and how?

Decentralization of education: why, when, what and how?

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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This monograph summarizes what the authors have learned, through the experiences of others, about the decentralization of authority for decision-making in public education systems. The conclusions are based on the results of a wide variety of experiments carried out in a number of countries. It is now possible to specify the conditions that must be met for a decentralization reform to achieve the objectives set for it. There are a variety of forms of decentralization, and different strategies to implement each. In most circumstances, an effective decentralization will shift the location of only some decisions. In some situations, decentralization may not be recommended at all, let alone be feasible. The monograph addresses each of these points.

Authors McGinn, Noel F. Welsh, Thomas
ISBN 92-803-1193-X
Date of publication 1999
Number of pages 98 p.

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