Educational planning: the adviser's role

Educational planning: the adviser's role

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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The booklet discusses the role of the foreign adviser who puts his experience and expertise at the disposal of those who plan education in another country. It begins by emphasizing the difficulties of advising, the problems the foreign adviser will almost inevitably have to face, and the ambivalent and sensitive relationship between the adviser and the advised. It then moves on to consider more positive aspects of the adviser's job. By using such a sequence the author intends to demonstrate that too much is expected of advisers, both by their employers and by themselves. The success of a foreign adviser lies basically in: (a) his professional competence; (b) how long he has lived in the country employing him; (c) who sponsors him; and (d) where he works. The author discusses the relationship between the adviser and his local counterpart, his approach to his work, and the actual task of advising. He concludes that however many functions are listed, there is no conclusive job description for the adviser: each one creates his own job within the limits set by the government employing him.

Authors Curle, Adam
Country Developing countries
ISBN 92-803-2023-8
Date of publication 1971
Number of pages 28 p.

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