Management and administration of education systems

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The role of supervision in improving the teaching/learning process in Nepal
Focusing on the role of supervisors, this study looked at factors affecting the teaching and lear..
Planification de l'offre et de la demande d'enseignants
Partant de la nécessité d'une planification plus approfondie et plus systématique de l'offre e..
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The administration of educational development in Latin America
Based on the realization that 20 years of educational development efforts in Latin America have h..
Planning teacher demand and supply
Based on the conviction that better and more systematic planning of teacher supply and demand is ..
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Objectives and a model for identifying training needs for educational planning and administration
This paper describes the objectives of the research undertaken by the IIEP and the model adopted ..
Personnel policy and the training of administrative and planning personnel for education in developing countries
The object of this paper is to raise some questions about the relationship between personnel poli..
Staff training in a period of change in the administration of education systems
The great changes that have taken place in educational systems in the last fifteen years have cau..
Changing needs for training in educational planning and administration: final report of an IIEP seminar
This report sums up the conclusions of the working groups that participated in the above-mentione..
Locally-based educational research and curriculum development in developing countries: the teacher's role
This report examines the ability of teachers in developing countries to study their educational s..
The evaluation of teaching effectiveness and teacher education
This document first discusses the objectives of projects in the area of teaching. These objective..
Educational planning: the adviser's role
The booklet discusses the role of the foreign adviser who puts his experience and expertise at th..
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Administrative aspects of educational planning: an IIEP seminar
This seminar focused on the need for increased use of educational planning by politicians and adm..