Management and administration of education systems

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Preparation, recruitment, and retention of teachers
The purpose of this monograph is to identify issues that summarize research fi ndings and best pr..
Grade repetition
“Grade repetition” (sometimes referred to as “grade retention”) occurs when students are ..
Ecole et décentralisation : résultats d'une recherche en Afrique francophone de l'Ouest
De nombreux pays aux caractéristiques très différentes ont réformé la gestion des écoles en..
7.00 €
Les réformes éducatives et les syndicats d'enseignants : des pistes pour l'action
Cet ouvrage porte sur les syndicats d'enseignants en Amérique latine et leur rôle dans la mise ..
10.00 €
Educational decentralization and school governance in South Africa: from policy to practice
This book explores the nature of participation, representation and decision-making in school gove..
7.00 €
Education reforms and teachers' unions: avenues for action
This booklet looks at the situation of teachers' unions in Latin America and their role in the im..
10.00 €
Lessons learnt in the use of 'contract' teachers: synthesis report
This study deals with the issue of contract teachers, concentrating in particular on the cases of..
7.00 €
Accountability in education
As the economies of nations compete for strong positions within a competitive global market place..
Recruitment, retention and development of school principals
The recruitment, retention, and development of school principals are matters of great importance ..
School-based management
This booklet is about «school-based management» – a feld that has become a very popular movem..
Towards more transparent financial management: scholarships and grants in Indonesia
This book comprises two studies on successful experiences in improving transparency and accountab..
7.00 €
Transparency in education; Study 1: Report Card in Bangladesh; Study 2: Quality Schools Programme in Mexico
This book comprises two studies on successful experiences in improving transparency and accountab..
7.00 €
Reforming the Ministry to improve education: an institutional analysis of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) of Nepal
Nepal has been involved in a comprehensive programme to achieve Education for All for many years...
10.00 €