Methodologies of educational planning for developing countries

Methodologies of educational planning for developing countries

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The aim of this manual is to help the office dealing with planning of educational development and his statistical staff, or anybody studying to undertake such tasks, to master the techniques involved in making a quantitative assessment of the situation and trends of the educational services and in preparing plans for future development. The educational planning officer is seen in this book as the co-ordinator of all contributions to the planning of educational development, and the person who calculates what it all means in terms of human, physical and financial resoures which must be employed in the context of wider national development, so as to ensure that the proposals are feasible and appropriatly linked to the over-all development plan. The manual indicates the major stages in the process of educational planning:

  1. analysis and appraisal of statistical data;
  2. formation of proposals for policy;
  3. projections, programming and detailed allocation of projects;
  4. costing, feasibility testing and consideration of alternatives;
  5. decision and implementation;
  6. evaluation and revision.

The first volume contains the text with diagram and appendixes, an index of methodological techniques; the second consits of the tables which are used to illustrate the methodology.

Authors Chesswas, John
Country Developing countries
ISBN 92-803-1033-X
Date of publication 1969
Number of pages 2 vol.

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