Rural people and rural economic development

Rural people and rural economic development

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Assuming development is a process that involves the generation, diffusion and realization of new opportunities, this paper discusses the following:

(1) The Development Process : Facts and Issues (re: visible unemploymentrural to urban migration the dualism of labor markets in the less developed countriespopulation growth and the desequilibrium of economic life in the development stage)

(2) The Attributes of Development Man (adaptive and innovative)

(3) The Formation of Competencies and the Transmission of Information (an economic analysis of people-changing processes skill mobility and the markets for "jobs" and "work" how different types of competencies are acquired information "fields" and "resistances" to information)

(4) Toward Progressive Agriculture (target groups in education for agriculture substitutions and complementaries among schooling, extension and research maximizing the efficiency of information systems)

(5) The Rural Nonfarm Economy (symbiotic relationships in the developing rural nonfarm economy dualisms and continua in skills and in scaleeducation, communication, and innovation in the nonfarm enterprise)

(6) Strategies for the Enlargement of Opportunities and Their Realization (the elusive meanings of integrated development the interdependencies of education and development economic incentives and agricultural progressunleashing the energies and ingenuities of ordinary man from ERIC database).

Authors Bowman, Mary Jean
Country Developing countries
Date of publication 1976
Number of pages 117 p.

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