School-based management

School-based management

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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In recent years, policy-makers have come to believe thatto improve education quality, it is necessary to jump fromthe classroom teaching level to school organization level,and reform the structural system and management styleof schools. As a result, many developed English-speakingcountries have instituted school-based management inthe structure of educational governance. Interest in such areform is currently spreading to other parts of the world,including parts of continental Europe and developingcountries.The purpose of this book is to review the origins andbasic features of the concept of decentralization of schoolmanagement or school-based management. Althoughmany bodies, national and international, are advocatingits implementation, with the aim of increasing theefficiency and effectiveness of school education, the topicis fairly controversial. As argued in the book, therationale for many such reforms has been generated bybusiness-oriented proponents or politicians, inresponse to economic considerations, more than byeducationalists concerned with improving equity,social justice or equality of educationalopportunity. Many researchers now emphasizethe importance of strong school leadership, aswell as community and parental involvement inimproving school effectiveness. The book provides a detailed account of arange of views from various camps on thereform, with an evaluation of its educationalimperatives.

Authors Abu-Duhou, Ibtisam
Country Australia Canada Hong Kong New Zealand UK USA
ISBN 92-803-1189-1
Date of publication 1999
Number of pages 134 p.

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